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Dutch Business Stamps 2014


In the current age where everything finds a digital way, it seems that
the stamp loses its character just like newspapers and books, simply because everything digitizes.
I think the stamp functions as a little lively piece that increases the character of the envelope.

I also think that the care and attention that were always given to stamps,
will always be more attractive than the digital way. In a world where fast and cheap is easy,
it is difficult to maintain something as little as a stamp.

This vision I tried to translate to the stamp; in a small country like Holland,
I see networks continuously growing on a very dynamic yet small surface.
The population, the infrastructure, everything keeps growing. Everywhere old roads are demolished
and new roads are build; Holland is constantly moving. I wonder how long this growth can
go on in a land where every centimeter belongs to someone, how extensive can this
web of networks become in a land so small?

This is how I started to try to get a small surface as satiated as possible,
which represent the dynamic networks in Holland. I choose for fresh but neutral colors,
to stick close to the colors of 'soil' and 'air' where the networks are growing.

The stamps were released in January 2014 by PostNL
and are permanently in the Museum of Communication of Den Daag, the Netherlands.