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The Cubic Universe

The image of the Earth by Apple

It started with the fascination about the fact that the first image is an image by Apple, and it is 'fake'.
It was created by Rob Simmon, who creates more images for NASA. He gets scientific data from satellites
and other instruments flying around the Earth, and he converts the data into image.

The fact that the creates an image from data invisible for the human eye, inspired me.
But the fact that we all believe the image he creates - because it's from NASA - inspired me even more.
We can not check if Simmons' representation of the Earth is true, we just trust the NASA.

So I created my own universe, a cube (50x50x50 cm) in which I started measuring everything that the
human eye can not see. I used infrared thermometers, decibel meters, CO2-meters, and I tried to measure
the energy in the cube. Finally, I ended up with lists of data of temperature, humidity, light intensity
and sound, by using an Arduino.

After I measured the cubic universe for 24 hours, I put the datasets in a programmed script that I've written
for the expected results. That is how I created a visual of my own universe, how I thought it should be represented.
I also wrote a story about traveling through that universe - A Journey through the Invisible. In this story all
the measured activities in the universe are explained in a imaginary, scientific way. As if you'd see gigantic rays
of light coming at you (the first sunlight in the morning falling into the cube), or as if you'd hear a loud noise
but nothing around you is happening (the alarm clock going off).

This story is combined with an image for every 5 minutes of the 24 hour measurement.

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